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Key Finders Available!

  • Includes two KeyRingers ― either KeyRinger calls the other

  • KeyRingers are ready to use ― no programming required

  • 300 foot range

  • Bright flashing LED simplifies searching in the dark

  • Replaceable battery lasts up to 18 months

  • Great for families ― multiple sets of KeyRingers all work together

  • $34.95 for a set of two KeyRingers

  • 90-day money-back guarantee

  • Totally free two-year warranty

  • The KeyRingers are loud

Quickly find the keys  left in the door the night before while bringing in the groceries or trying to keep the cat in.

Front Door A.jpg
Purse A.jpg

Eliminate spending hours searching all over for the keys hiding at the bottom of a purse.

Know immediately if your keys are hiding somewhere in the car.

Car Seat A.jpg
Laundry A.jpg

Find your keys or car remote dropped in the laundry before they go in the washing machine.

After grabbing a snack on the way out the door, quicky find those keys that just seemed to disappear.

Pantry A.jpg
Closet A.jpg

Expensive car keys can be missing for months in a pocket hanging in the closet. Click below since you can't see the KeyRinger.

00:00 / 00:08

Keys dropped in the garden without realizing it will almost certainly be gone forever without the KeyRinger.

Garden A.jpg


The KeyRingers are a definite time saver as well as a real money saver when it comes to locating those ultra expensive car keys. Furthermore, over the past two decades, many satisfied users have declared the KeyRinger to be the best key finder available. If the KeyRinger provides the solution that you have been looking for, you can order now totally risk free. If not totally satisfied, the KeyRingers can be returned for a full refund including prepaid domestic return shipping.


A pair of KeyRingers come complete with factory installed lithium batteries, key chain links, and double-sided adhesive strips. Micropower technology guarantees extended battery life – batteries typically lasts 18 months and are easy to replace. Extremely durable – our key finder is made from polycarbonate plastic – the same material used in bulletproof windows. Ultra reliable – corrosion resistant gold plated circuit board. Low battery alert – the KeyRinger beeps and flashes just like your smoke detector when the battery needs replacing. Bright flashing light makes the KeyRinger key finder easy to find in the dark. KeyRingers can call each other or be called from your computer, smart phone, or tablet using an application available on the KeyRinger website. Multiple KeyRingers can all be called simultaneously or individually.  User has the option to change the volume, response duration, and other attributes. Easy to use making it great for everyone of all ages. Please note that the KeyRinger key finder is for locating missing objects, it is not intended to located people or used as a paging device. Designed in California and protected by two US patents.

Weight 0.64 ounces
Dimensions 2.60 x 1.05 x 0.37 inches
Battery CR2032 lithium coin cell


Cheryl S., Westminster, Colorado

"My husband gave me the KeyRinger for Christmas and I LOVE IT! It has saved me from a tremendous number of headaches looking for my keys. I am constantly chasing two young children and I always put my keys someplace different. It's the only product that actually works, and I have tried a few. Thanks again for making my life easier."

Arnold R., Whippany, New Jersey

"Since I have started to use a cane, I have misplaced it a number of times. Once it was missing around the house for over a week. After attaching the KeyRinger, I can locate it immediately every time it gets lost." 

Mona F., Visalia, California

"I find my KeyRingers extremely important.  I use them to locate my mother's purse since she misplaces it quite often and due to her memory she panics when she cannot locate it.  I'm glad I purchased them."  

Benjamin B., Mettlach, Germany

"Thank you very much for the fast shipping! These things are great." 

Belinda B., Chimayo, New Mexico

"I had ordered a different brand of key ringer prior to purchasing my original set from you. Your product is far superior to the other brands. I can't tell you how many times your ringer has saved me when I was rushing to get out the door and I couldn't find my keys. Thanks."

Gladys S., Riverbank, California

"I just received the key ringer and I think it’s a great product! I am now ordering it for my daughter. Thanks!"  


Andy N., Phoenix, Arizona

"I recently purchased your KeyRinger for my wife's birthday. About a month earlier my wife's keys were misplaced. If I had purchased your KeyRinger before the mishap, I could have saved $250, the cost to replace our electronic car key and door opener. I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical about ordering your product, but it arrived quickly as you promised and performed exactly as advertised. But equally important is my wife doesn't have to worry about locating her keys any more - even when it’s me that didn't put them back in her purse. Thank you."

Nothing Can Hide from the KeyRinger!


#1 Lost Key Finder & Remote Control Locator

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