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Quickly Locate Your Lost Keys with a Key Finder

Never lose your keys again! Quickly locate lost or misplaced keys with a key finder from KeyRinger.

Key finders are small devices that attach to your keyring or other objects and help you locate the attached to item when it's lost or misplaced. They work by emitting an audible tone that guides you to your missing items.

Basic Features of Key Finders

There are many different types of key finders. The KeyRinger is a device that is sold in pairs – either one is used to call the other one telling it to beep and flash. These devices have numerous features that include:

· Responds up to 300 feet away

· Have unique IDs allowing owners of multiple sets to call units individually

· Five different volume settings from Very Low to Very Loud

· User programmable response durations

· Low battery alert – beeps and flashes just like your smoke alarm

· And more!

How Does a Key Finder Work?

The KeyRingers work in pairs where either KeyRinger is used to emit a unique tone sequence to call the other KeyRinger telling it to beep and flash. For example, you could always keep one of the devices in a bowl on the counter or on a hook near the front door, and whenever your keys go missing, press the button on one of the devices to alert the other device to beep and flash.

The sound is incredibly loud by default, so you may want to test out the devices when you first receive them. Because they are so loud, you’ll have no issue quickly locating your misplaced or lost items.

Never Lose Your Keys Again!

Key finders are a great addition to your keychain. They are small, easy to use, and inexpensive. There are many different types of key finders to choose from. However, there are two basic – Bluetooth® and the others. Bluetooth devices require the use of a smartphone and have the potential of being inadvertently tracked by other people. The KeyRinger does not have the security issues associated with the Bluetooth devices.

Key finders have been around for almost twenty-five years. However, their popularity has grown recently when people started sharing their online stories about how they are so effective and easy to use.

It is important to remember that a key finder is not only a great way to find your lost keys. It also helps you keep track of numerous items around the house. You could use your key finder to track your iPad, remote control, or even your child or pup’s favorite toys.

Visit our store today and experience the incredible difference a pair of KeyRinger key finders can make in simplifying your life. Whether you are young, old, or simply someone that frequently misplaces your most important items, the KeyRinger is here to simplify your life. You can quickly find your keys and get back to enjoying the rest of your day.

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I lost keys a few weeks ago but a local locksmith has helped me getting a new key. I also have got a spare also to help me during an emergency.

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